Many potential risks have to be considered when processing scrap metal. mist-air will suppress dust for the operatives to work safely.

mist-air will protect local communities from the consequences of living or working close to a metal recycling site.

mist-air has a range of products flexible enough to be installed on working machinery or the locations in which the machines operate.

The Unique mist-air Dry Fog Dust Suppression System

mist-air has the flexibility to suppress dust and odours in areas where extraction is simply not possible or affordable.

Currently mist-air is used in thousands of manufacturing and recycling applications, suppressing dust from wood, brick, soil, cement, paper, gypsum, ash, glass, biomass, coal, etc. using only water.

Extremely fine fog is blown by stainless steel fans into the air, suppressing rising dust and preventing it from becoming airborne.

Dust particles are attracted to the fog, causing them to settle, and prevent them from staying airborne, so is ideal for stopping dust created during tipping, hopper loading, shredding, trommels, screens, air knives, conveyor transfer points, bulker loading etc.

Floors, machinery and stock, stay completely dry and personnel can work in the fog without becoming wet.

One mist-air Base Unit (1200mm x 900mm x 600mm ) will supply several areas or buildings simultaneously, with precise control over each area, delivering just as much, or as little fog as is required for any given application.

Water and power usage is very low and an entire building can be treated with just a few litres of water per hour. This system can also deliver an odour absorbing solution into the fog, for odour control.

All wetted parts are manufactured from stainless steel or non-ferrous materials which ensure corrosion free operation, coupled to a 20 year corrosion warranty.

Normally installed within two days, with a low purchase and maintenance cost, and hire or lease is also possible.

Mist-air system