…ensuring a dust and odour free environment

mist-air is a flexible dust and odour suppression system, which can be adapted to suit all sizes of buildings or operations. It is easily fitted to any site and can be retro-fitted to existing operating sites, ensuring a dust and odour free environment.

Outside Suppression

Mist-air have a solution for most outside dust problems


Suppresses airborne dust from stockpiles
and storage buildings


Controls the dust throughout the recycling
process from start to finish.


Prevents airborne silica like no other system.

Gypsum / Plasterboard

Reduces dust throughout the tipping
and recycling processes


Reduces airborne dust and the possibility of explosion

Brick / Silica

Reduces airborne silica like no other system with
practically zero running costs without wetting
bricks or personnel.


Sites have a legal obligation to prevent dust and
odours. mist-air does just this in one operation!


Fantastic results throughout the foundry
preventing airborne dust and silica.


Dust effectively suppressed in Tipping , walking
floors, and storage areas.

Quarries / Stone

From the primary crusher, along the conveyors
to screens and secondary crushers, just one
Mist-Air Base Unit suppresses it all


Prevents lung and eye diseases caused by airborne
dust and spores.