Odour Neutraliser & Dust Aborber

Aqueous fog on its own, absorbs many odorous gases and alcohols.

The water particles absorb airborne gas into a solute, which then sinks to the ground to naturally biodegrade. Once the gas is in a solute it is no longer available to be detected by the olfactory nerves in the nose.

The addition of a 0.25% solution of mist-air Odour Neutraliser & Dust Aborber to the fog reduces the surface tension of each water particle, and increases the natural absorbency by approx 400,000 times.

So adding mist-air Odour Neutraliser & Dust Aborber to the water before it is turned into fine fog, is all that is required to solve 90% of all odour problems .

Completely miscible in water, and guaranteed not to separate and block jets, circulation pipes or filters, preventing sludge in pipelines, water tanks and fittings, a problem which is associated with many essential oil based products.

The picture below shows a demonstration of how carbon and silica carbide dust are absorbed immediately in a beaker of water containing Mist-Air Odour Neutraliser and Dust Absorber (left). With plain water (right) both substances just float on the surface.

Because there is such a diverse mixture of odorous gases present in the air it is inevitable that a few gases do not readily mix with water, so a masking agent is added to nullify the effects of these gases to the olfactory nerves.

Unfortunately many products on the market use such powerful masking agents that they cause more complaints than the odours they are trying to mask.

mist-air Odour Neutraliser & Dust Aborber is available with many trace scents including Eucalyptus, Apple, Cherry, Cut Grass, etc.

These are not overpowering, but a delicate blend of trace elements that cause no offence and simply distract the olfactory nerves

There are no COSHH implications with mist-air Odour Neutraliser & Dust Aborber, and it is harmless to animals, insects, humans, plant life, and aquatic life.

Neither does it cause sore eyes and burning throats associated with many deodorants and essential oil based products.

Supplied in 25 , or 1000 litre containers. Shelf life approx. 24 months.

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mist-air Odour Neutraliser 25L

mist-air Odour Neutraliser 1000L IBC Container